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House rules

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These internal regulations were drawn up after approval by all board members on 15/10/2020 and are for an indefinite period.  

1. Board

  • Pieter Brys (chairman)

  • Frederik Larcin (Vice-President and Treasurer)

  • Johan Desmadryl (secretary)

  • Jan Maerten (Commissioner)

  • Philip Van Ast (board member)

  • Ivan Croes (board member)

The board is responsible for the general policy and the proper functioning of the association and meets at least twice a year. This can also be done electronically at a distance.

2. Club room

"La Scaligera"

Sint-Idesbaldusstraat 23

8630 Veurne

3. Membership

As a member you automatically agree to the house rules. Each member must be in possession of a Vespa as a rider or co-driver. Since we are an official Vespaclub, affiliated with the federation of Vespaclub Belgium, other scooters are not allowed. The contribution for membership at Vespaclub Belgium is included in your membership fee.

The membership fee is 25 euros and is valid for the duration of one calendar year. You can become a member at any club activity or via the website .

By becoming a member of Vespaclub Koksijde, each member relieves the board of Vespaclub Koksijde from any responsibility regarding an accident or damage caused during, during or after a club activity.

As a member you have the right to participate in all club activities organized by Vespaclub Koksijde, with the exception of board meetings. All communication to members takes place via email, website and/or Facebook page. There is also a private WhatsApp group that members can use to meet up for rides. As a member you also get access to our route page, where you can download Vespa routes in the area.

As a member you are always in accordance with all legal provisions: ​​​

  • Certificate of Conformity

  • Valid driver's license

  • Certificate of Registration

  • Insurance BA


4. Privacy

Each registered member gives permission to Vespaclub Koksijde to use images recorded on the activities for the website,  social media (Facebook, Instagram) and other possible printed form of publicity. The images used will in no way discredit the displayed persons.
If you do not want this or if you wish to change your details, please email this to

In order to consult the calendar and download routes via the website, you must become a member. You can sign up via Facebook, Google+ or a valid email address. Your data will only be used for internal communication and mailings and will always be done in BCC.  

5. Exclusion

Vespaclub Koksijde reserves the right to refuse an application for membership without further reason or clarification. In this case, the person will be informed in writing or by e-mail.
If the membership fee has already been paid, it will be refunded.

In the event of misconduct or non-compliance with the internal regulations, the board of Vespaclub Koksijde can decide to exclude the member, without refund of the membership fee. This can be temporary or permanent.  The excluded member will no longer receive club information and is no longer welcome at the activities organized by Vespaclub Koksijde.

Persons who are excluded from another Vespa club due to disagreements or other reasons are in principle not admitted as members of Vespaclub Koksijde, unless otherwise decided by unanimity by the board.

6.  Events

Rides and other club activities are only accessible to members, unless expressly communicated. Members of other Vespa clubs are also welcome at the annual ride-out.

Under the motto 'good agreements make good friends', here are some points of interest during the rides:


   Before departure ​​

  • Please be on time for the appointment

  • Vespa drivers who ride in Belgium with a valid B driving license should take into account that in all neighboring countries an A1 driving license is required to be allowed on the road with a 125cc.

  • At the start of a ride, everyone makes sure that he/she and his/her vehicle are in good condition. This means: fully fueled, correct tire pressure, and protective clothing (helmet, jacket, long pants, gloves and footwear above the ankles)


   On the way

  • Ride staggered and as compact as possible, especially with more than 10 riders this is important for safety!
  • Stick to the highway code
  • When performing a manoeuvre, never blindly follow the vehicle in front. Check whether the road is indeed clear

  • Always give the necessary hand and foot signals to those behind

  • If someone has a problem, this will be passed on by sounding the horn

  • The road captain who drives at the back is and always remains the last driver


   On arrival

  • Leave room for pedestrians, prams and wheelchairs

  • Do not park on private property

  • Stick to the timetable

   Make your own rides

  • Any member can create a ride

  • This must be approved in advance by the board

  • If day trip includes 3 stops: morning, afternoon, afternoon

  • Take into account an average speed of 50 km/h

  • Rides are at least 50 km


EXTRACT highway code 1 DECEMBER 1975.

Royal Decree containing general regulations on the police for road traffic and the use of public roads. 
[BS 09.12.1975]

Title II: Rules for the use of public roads

Article 43ter. Motorcycle riders in group

43ter.1. When at least two motorcyclists are riding in a group on a road with lanes, they should not ride in tandem; they may drive in the same lane in two parallel rows, staggered, with a sufficient safety distance between them.

When the carriageway is not divided into lanes, they must not occupy more than half of the carriageway. If crossing is impossible, they must drive one behind the other.

43ter.2. Motorcyclists riding in a group of more than 50 participants must be accompanied by at least two road captains. Groups of 15 to 50 participants may be accompanied by at least two road captains.


  1. The road captains watch over the smooth running of the trip.
    These road captains must be at least 25 years old and wear a retro-reflective safety vest, which bears the word « road captain » in black letters on the back

  2. At intersections where traffic is not controlled by traffic lights, at least one of the road captains may stop traffic in the side roads, in the manner specified in Article 41.3.2. as the group crosses.

43ter.4. The road captains are in possession of a traffic sign of the type C3.



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