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As a member of Vespaclub Koksijde, we keep you informed of all rides and you meet people with the same passion: the Vespa. We regularly hold meetings and every now and then we ride along with a ride-out from a befriended Vespa club.


As a member of Vespaclub Koksijde you automatically become a member of Vespaclub Belgium. You will receive a sticker, patch and membership card and can participate in all national club rallies. You will also receive a sticker, patch and extra club gadget from VCK. Every year there is a New Year's reception, some club evenings and a fin-de-saison where you are offered a drink by the club.  


You can become a member of Vespaclub Koksijde by filling in the registration form below and it is valid after payment of the membership fee!

Persons who send the registration form automatically agree with the House Rules of Vespaclub Koksijde.


The membership fee for 2022 is  25 euros and is valid for the entire calendar year.
After acceptance of your membership by the board, you will receive a confirmation email. Your club items will then be handed over at the earliest opportunity.


Payment of the membership fee must be made to the account number of Vespaclub Koksijde,  Belfius bank  BE92 0636 9905 8423, stating your name and “LIDGELD VCK2022”.

You can also become a supporting member of Vespaclub Koksijde.

This means that you don't ride on our rides, but give the club a warm heart and support us financially. You are of course always welcome at the club!

A frequently asked question is whether you also have to pay a membership fee as a co-driver? Membership for co-drivers is not mandatory, but we strongly recommend it. If you want to register for a local or international meeting, no distinction is made here either whether you are a driver or co-driver.

Much of what we do as a club would not be possible without the help of our sponsors !

We would like to expressly thank them for this! If you are also interested in supporting our club financially, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Member data is included in a club member list. Due to privacy rules, all personal data is only used in a club context. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties and will never be used for marketing or other advertising purposes.

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